afroditeAFRODITE moving unit is a must clarification plant which uses the dynamic separation technique to rapidly separate lees from must after pressing. It is ideal for white, rosé musts, and, sometimes, also thermo-vintaged red musts.

– Studied and carried out to put flotation within reach of every wine cellar, both big and medium-small ones.
– Must clarification in only 2 hours. The obtained musts are limpid and do not need further filterings.
– Slight lees residual volume, equal to 3-5% of the initial volume, with consequent reduction of lees filtering times and costs.
– Room temperature processing, avoiding in this way to cool musts, and without the risk of an unwanted fermentation start.
– Fast connection to every kind of reservoirs by means of standard cellar pipelines.
– No need of labour during running, and no special maintenance.
– Addition of scanty adjuvant quantities, with consequent high content in flavour precursors.
– Increase in quality thanks to the reduced contact times between must and lees.
– Processing with both nitrogen and air.
– Exclusive system for the micro diffusion of the gaz on the treated product. This system is PATENTED.

– Pre-filter in steel inox Aisi 304.

Model - 100

Must production: 100 Hl/h
Power: 3kW
Tension: 380V 50Hz
Dimensions: 1000x450xh740 mm
Weight: 40 Kg

Model - 200

Must production: 200 Hl/h
Power: 3,7kW
Tension: 380V 50Hz
Dimensions: 1000x450xh740 mm
Weight: 40 Kg

Model - 400

Must production: 400 Hl/h
Power: 7,5kW
Tension: 380V 50Hz
Dimensions: 1300x700xh830 mm
Weight: 70 Kg