Mounted on wheels to allow it to be easily moved about the winery, provided with: electrical control panel with starters and safety devices, removable adjustable crushing rollers, epicyclical speed control for the in-feed auger, epicyclical speed control for destemmer, must collection tank with in-feed auger that acts as a must mixer 80 mm sanitary fitting for the must line. They offers two options on the must pump. You can use an external suction type must pump with the must tank in place or you can use a volumetric pump with its own infeed hopper. To change over, unplug the power cable for existing Lugana must tank and slide it out of the way. If the winemaker desires destemming only, the machine can be sold without the crushing roller assembly. A chute will be installed instead to convey the crushed grapes from the machine. For the model 120 also exists the version “L” with a longitudinal hopper on its upper side. Model 250 are complete of mechanical speed control for destemming axle, independent mechanical speed control for feeding cochlea, destemming axle with rubber adjustable paddles, grate in perforated plate and device for destemming-not destemming. Ideal for destemming or only to press moving the counter inside the hopper, to manually work the picked grape or, after having modified the height and the inclination of the spatulas in rubber of the destemming axle, to mechanically work picked grapes. The machine, doesn’t have electric picture, but is endowed with box connections. All the detachable parts are complete of safety contacts. The facility of dismantlement allows an express and comfort access to the inside parts both for maintenance that for total cleaning.

Model - Gioia 120

Production: 120-200 Hl/h
Power: 2,625kW
Superior hopper: 780x1000 mm
Dimensions: 1000x2190xh1590 mm
Weight: 390Kg

Model - Gioia 200

Production: 120-200 Hl/h
Power: 2,625kW
Superior hopper: 930x1920 mm
Dimensions: 930x2100xh1730 mm
Weight: 435Kg