Polyvalent and complete
The monobloc TPGB 400 are constituted from:

• Corking machine for corks and cork in plastic materials with possibility to apply shaved and
fungus corks.
• Distributor and closing of metallic cages.
• System of movement to chain for to guarantee the possibility of insertion in line with existing
other machines.

Ideal for small and middle producers
The monobloc TPGB 400 have a middle production of 400 bottles/hour.
Only one operator can be enough to make to work the machine guaranteeing the load of the bottles on the ribbon and the collecting of the same, already work, from the dish of final harvest.
The restocking of corks and cages in the relative stores it results easy and fast.

Reliable and easy to manage
The regulations are generally made before the consignment and the operator he must to intervene, in few and simple operations, only in case of formed change of bottles. All the mechanical parts in movement are broadly tested and reliable in the time. The operations of lubrication and cleaning are extremely simple to be performed.

Automatism to the more high-levels
Electric panel that allows to regulate all the parameters of job according to the demands of workmanship. Independent motorizations among corking machine, cages machines and ribbon of movement of the bottles.

Precise and punctual technical support always

During the purchase the program “guaranteed efficiency” is offered that it allows to directly submit the management of the maintenance and debugging of the machine to the builder. In such way he can have periodic visits of qualified personnel that will always allow a reliable use and in full efficiency.

Model - TPGB 400

Production bottles/h: 350-450