Realized in steel inox Aisi 304 on wheels, complete of control panel with start/stop buttons, mechanical speed control to adapt the speed to the different worked varieties of grapes, destemming axle with rubber adjustable paddles, drum made of pierced stainless steel sheeting, must gathering tank with in-feed auger that also acts as a must mixer and with fitting for suction pumps. Whenever you don’t like using suction pumps, you can use many other kinds of pumps equipped with must gathering tank, like pumps with elliptical rotor, mono pumps: you only need to remove the must gathering tank from its slides. For the most critical winemakers a drum made of plastic material can be supplied (optional). This can be used with manually picked grapes only. For the model 70 also exists the version “L” with a longitudinal hopper on its upper side.

Model - Gioia 30R

Production: 25-30 Hl/h
Power: 1,5kW
Superior hopper: 900x540 mm
Dimensions: 1150x700xh1850 mm
Weight: 95Kg

Model - Gioia 40R

Production: 40-50 Hl/h
Power: 1,8kW
Superior hopper: 1300x580 mm
Dimensions: 1500x950xh1530 mm
Weight: 185Kg

Model - Gioia 70

Production: 68-80 Hl/h
Power: 2,75kW
Superior hopper: 800x690 mm
Dimensions: 1945x830xh1685 mm mm
Weight: 305Kg