The destemmers with a built-in pump can be identified as a low output per hour machine with clearly defined characteristics. Its frame is bicomposed yet can be opened. It has combined removable stainless steel cage so that the machine is easy to check and clean.

Model - Gioia 15

Production: 15-18 Hl/h
Power: 1,1kW
Dimensions: 1100x600xh800 mm
Weight: 75Kg

Model - Gioia 30

Production: 30-35 Hl/h
Power: 1,5kW
Dimensions: 700x1260xh1400 mm
Weight: 107Kg

Model - Gioia 40

Production: 40-50 Hl/h
Power: 1,9kW
Dimensions: 1450x760xh1470 mm
Weight: 136Kg