Nitrogen generators AZO PLUS line.
They produce from 1,3 to 130 nitrogen m3/hs using the technology PSA, recognized for being the most reliable and strong among the technologies for the separation of the present gases on the market. The whole range prepares besides of a system that guarantees the maximum purity of the gas few minutes after the lighting and it is gifted both of an analyser of oxygen that guarantees the quality of the produced nitrogen, both of a sophisticated system of control to microprocessor that allows the operation of the products for 24 hours in the day without solution of continuity.

– Courses: different in relationship to the desired purities.
– Pressure of disbursement: from 0,5 in 11 bar.
– Purity disbursed gas: from 99,999% to 97%.
– Technology PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption).
– I check to microprocessor with system of alarms interfaced with centralized systems.
– Brevet “Fast Purity”, that guarantees the constant purity in any condition of operation.
– It produces only the necessary nitrogen quantity to the application setting itself in Stand By in absence of consumption.
– Analyser of integrated oxygen of series in every model.
– Regulator of pressure intergrated.
– Planned in conformity to the normative UL and ASME.

– High efficiency of the system.
– Lower part costs of management and production of the nitrogen.
– Operation continuous 24 hours/day, 365 days in the year without overseeing.
– Facility of use: for the starting it is enough to press a key and to follow the instructions bring on the frontal display.
– The nitrogen production is proportional to the consumption thanks to the intervention of the way stand-by.
– Least annual maintenance.

– Agrifood.
– Chemical and Pharmaceutical.
– Thermal treatment.
– Electronic.
– Analytical (for centralized solutions).
– Welding lead free.


Reservoir for to accumulate compressed air or nitrogen 100 Lts.
Reservoir for to accumulate compressed air or nitrogen 500 Lts.
Reservoir for to accumulate compressed air or nitrogen 1000 Lts.
Kit connection for Generating.
Kit connection for reservoir 500 Lts.
Kit connection for reservoir 1000 Lts.

Modello - Flo 1

Produzione al 99,5%: 1,4 Nmc/H

Modello - Flo 2

Produzione al 99,5%: 2,5 Nmc/H

Modello - Flo 3

Produzione al 99,5%: 3,7 Nmc/H

Modello - Flo 4

Produzione al 99,5%: 5 Nmc/H

Modello - Pico 3

Produzione al 99,5%: 7,5 Nmc/H

Modello - Pico 4

Produzione al 99,5%: 10 Nmc/H

Modello - Pico 5

Produzione al 99,5%: 12,5 Nmc/H

Modello - Pico 6

Produzione al 99,5%: 15 Nmc/H