Filling machine finds its principal employment in the bottling of wine. The machine is provision of four spouts to conic seal diameter 14 mms. and it allows to fill bottles of various form thin to a maximum height of 420 mms. Every spouts is endowed of a regulation buckle that allows to vary the position of the conic seal and therefore to plan the correct level of product inside the bottles. Moving the flier set in the inferior part of the machine is possible to get the correct height of the spouts in relationship to the height of the bottles to fill. The operation foresees the pumping of the product inside the reservoir set on the summit of the machine, where there is inside a level regulator. The filling happens for fall. Dimensions and weight: 600×600 x h 1500 mms., weight 30 Kg.

Cart in steel inox Aisi 304 on wheels.
Pump 230V – 50 Hz.
Spouts for mignon bottle, diameter 10 mms.
Plates filter 20×20 with pomp and by-pass.
Regulator of electric level 230V – 50 Hz.
Nitrogen injector 230V – 50 Hz.