Filtering of must clarification dregs, fermentation dregs; filtering of wine, must and grape juice clarification dregs, tank sediments, dregs of alimentary and non-alimentary liquids with high content of impurities.

– Fast and simple formation of the pre-panel.
– Very simple use and maintenance.
– High filtering performances.
– High reliability and efficiency.
– Supplied with fittings and automatisms and immediately ready to use.
– Adjustable drum revolution and blade advancing speeds.
– Complete with extractor barrel for separating the filtrate, extraction pump, feeding pump and vacuum pump.
– Pump for perlite specific for abrasive solutions.
– Tank for the preparation of the perlite solution, complete with agitator.
– Control panel with Aisi 304 stainless steel box according to CE rules and IP 55 control.
– Completely made of Aisi 304 stainless steel with framework on wheels.

– Mixer of the product in the tank.
– Automatic washing system of the drum and filtering of the tank sediment on request.
– Conveyor belt to convey the exhaust diatomaceous earth on request.

Model - Gold 1,5

Filtering surf.: 1,5 Sqm
Power: 4 kW
Must Output: 250-500 Lt/h
Resa fondi di chiarifica: 125-300 Lt/h
Dimensioni: 1300x2200xh1900 mm
Weight: 250 Kg

Model - Gold 3

Filtering surf.: 3 Sqm
Power: 6 kW
Must Output: 500-1000 Lt/h
Clarif. dreg outp.: 250-500 Lt/h
Sizes: 1300x2800xh1900 mm
Weight: 350 Kg

Model - Gold 6

Filtering surf.: 6 Sqm
Power: 10 kW
Must Output: 1000-2000 Lt/h
Clarif. dreg outp.: 600-900 Lt/h
Sizes: 1600x3500xh2200 mm
Weight: 750 Kg

Model - Gold 12

Filtering surf.: 12 Sqm
Power: 14 kW
Must Output: 2000-4000 Lt/h
Clarif. dreg outp.: 1200-1800 Lt/h
Sizes: 2000x4500xh2500 mm
Weight: 1300 Kg

Model - Gold 20

Filtering surf.: 20 Sqm
Power: 27 kW
Must Output: 3300-6600 Lt/h
Clarif. dreg outp.: 2000-3000 Lt/h
Sizes: 2000x5500xh2500 mm
Weight: 2600 Kg

Model - Gold 30

Filtering surf.: 30 Sqm
Power: 34,5 kW
Must Output: 4900-9800 Lt/h
Clarif. dreg outp.: 3000-4500 Lt/h
Sizes: 2300x7000xh2700 mm
Weight: 3400 Kg