Plant KALIUM SUPER ECO completely MANUAL without the use of electricity, for small companies that want to exploit the technique of ion exchange for the tartaric stabilization of wines.

Fit to the treatment of musts and wines, having the followings characteristics:

– One column of treatment realized in material antacid, inside in food and external polyethylene in fiber of glass. The passage inside the columns of solutions regenerating to base of strong acids it dissuades the steel use inox.
– Mobile frame entirely realized in steel inox Aisi 304.
– Valves of clearing and regulation of the flows to manual driving.
– Aspiration regenerating.
– Connections entry/exit wine Garolla 40 or other on demand.
– Connections entry solution treatment resins with hose ½.”
– Connections entry/exit washing water with hose ¾.”
– Connection nitrogen of rapid type Rilsan diam. 8 mms.
– Total installed power 0 kWs.

– Kit SUPER ECO for test of the wines with handbag: portable pHmetro, n° 2 reactors with resins and solutions of setting for the pHmeter.
– Pump on cart inox.

Modello - K1-SE

Litri/ciclo: 300-500
Potenza: 0kW
Dimensioni: 580x400xh1480
Peso a pieno: 50Kg

Modello - K2-SE

Litri/ciclo: 600-1000
Potenza: 0kW
Dimensioni: 580x400xh1480
Peso a pieno: 75Kg

Modello - K3-SE

Litri/ciclo: 1200-2000
Potenza: 0kW
Dimensioni: 650x500xh1600
Peso a pieno: 100Kg

Modello - K4-SE

Litri/ciclo: 2400-4000.
Potenza: 0kW
Dimensioni: 1000x750xh1800 mm
Peso a pieno: 150Kg