Method Champenois, available from 3 – 7 – 10 – 24 – 32 stations for the clarification of the wine after the fermentation in bottle. Single-phase motor.

• Working to glycol up to -25/30°C (excluded by the supply).
• Electronic thermostat for the control of the temperature.
• Fairing inox climbed on wheels.
• Ready to the operation and deprived of particular maintenances. Materials and spare parts of common use.

Our freezers for necks of bottle are refrigerant instruments endowed with a tub in steel inox that is filled with nontoxic glycol, cooled thin to a temperature of -25°C adjustable on the special thermostat. Above such tub a grate is positioned with some circular holes endowed with special gasket in rubber, in which the upside-down bottles are inserted. The part of the neck of the immersed bottle in the glycol to -25°C he quickly freezes (around 2 minutes), allowing a fast elimination of the dregs picked up him in the frozen part during the overturn of the bottle. A special agitator maintains uniform the temperature of the glycol constantly mixing it.

Model - ENOMET 3

Watt: 100W
Production: 15-20 bott/h
Gas: R134a
Measures: Ø260xh460mm
Weight: 12Kg

Model - ENOMET 7

Watt: 300W
Production: 30-45 bott/h
Gas: R507
Misure: Ø400xh790mm
Weight: 30Kg

Model - ENOMET 10

Watt: 800W
Production: 60-90 bott/h
Gas: R404
Measures: Ø460xh460mm
Weight: 40Kg

Model - ENOMET 24

Watt: 1200W
Production: 100-160 bott/h
Gas: R404
Measures: Ø850xh850mm
Weight: 80Kg

Model - ENOMET 32

Watt: 1400W
Production: 120-190 bott/h
Gas: R404
Measures: Ø900xh900mm
Weight: 100Kg