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The carbonic anhydride of fermentation.
During the process of alcoholic fermentation enormous quantities of carbonic anhydride are developed. To have an idea of the quantities we can to think that for every liter of produced wine, 50 liters carbonic anhydride are originated. This whole produced gas is dispersed in the atmosphere with evident ecological damage. It is necessary besides to consider that the damage is not ecological only. Notoriously the carbonic anhydride is an expensive gas and largely used in various productive trials. It results therefore evident that its dispersion in atmosphere also involves a dispersion of economic resources.

The use of the carbonic anhydride in oenology.

The modern oenological technical is always directing toward a great use of carbonic anhydride. The presser in inactive atmosphere, to make inactive the reservoirs, the phases of bottling and the modern practices of maceration of the red wines are examples of the diffused and expensive use of carbonic anhydride in the wine cellar.

Now it’s possible to recover the carbonic anhydride of fermentation.

The system for the recovery of the CO2 studied by ENOMET it allows to recover and reuse the gas directly in the wine cellar.

Easy to manage.
– The system is totally automatic.
– The installation can directly be served as the Client.
– Systems of every dimension can be realized.
– The plant is fit for any system of winemaking.

Operational and economic advantages.
– Available gas to effect all the practices of vinification in inactive atmosphere.
– Gas produced that can be used more times without increase of the quantity unloaded in atmosphere.
– Availability of gas to zero cost.
– Possible to sell the produced gas.