Motorized membrane press realized in steel inox Aisi 304 on wheels, with the characteristic followings:

– Partially perforated tank ability 10 Hls in steel inox Aisi 304.
– System of rotation of the tank through moto-variator.
– Elastic central membrane in nontoxic food rubber with pressures of job up to 1 bar, that results very lower in
comparison to the other pressing systems, increasing so the quality of the musts.
– Door for load and unloading to manual opening, centrally positioned.
– Must collecting tank in steel inox Aisi 304 with rapids hookup and releasing.
– Rapid attach for compressed air for the use external presser. (Presser optional).
– Manometer for survey job pressures.
– Valves for pressure and depression of the membrane.
– Safety valve set to 1,5 bar.

The membrane presses HOBY adopt the diffused procedure of the membrane pressing in simple, effective and economic way.

An elastic central membrane, inflated with air, it compresses the grape toward the walls of the cylindrical tank. In such way the must it’s completely extracted by the fruit.

All the phases of work they are performed by the operator with the aid of a moto-variator for the rotation of the tank. Such phases include the crush, the harvest of the must and the dregs unload. It needs only an external presser (Optional). This system is patented.

Indicatives date varying with the different types of grape:
Load whole grape 800 Kgs.
Load pressed grape or stemmed 1.800 Kgs.
Load fermented grape (initial grape) 2.500 Kgs.
Power 2 kWs – 220V
Dimensions 2000x1000x h 1500 mms.
Weight 350 Kgs. around

– Presser ability 50 Lt. – 8 bar – 2,5 HP to 220V for to inflate and to deflate the membrane.
– PLC with integrated program to manage in automatic all the phases of workmanship.