To meet all purchaser’s needs, a modern membrane press must:

– Produce musts with higher quality with respect to those presses manufactured by other companies.
– Be conceived with the know-how of whom knowing the importance of every detail as to obtain absolute quality wines.
– Have a simple and reliable use, with programs adjusting according to processings directed towards the production of exclusive wines.
– Allow users to win new markets with consequent increase in corporate profits, thanks to the bettered wine quality.

Therefore, DHEA presses have the following features:
– Aisi 304 stainless steel closed reservoir to carry out, besides the usual pressing, macerations under inert gas atmosphere, macerations in red with or without oxygenation, carbonic maceration for new wines, cold maceration for white wines.
– Elastic central membrane made of non-toxic alimentary gum, to exploit the whole circumference of the press tank as dripping surface, reducing, in this way, the pressing times to minimum. PATENDED.
– Lower pressures with respect to diametral membrane presses, so as to increase the quality of the extracted musts.
– Aisi 304 stainless steel dripping elements, positioned in 360° inside the reservoir, and not only in the semicircle, with trapezoid section to heighten the drainage capacity, and easily detachable to make comfortable the cleaning operations of the machine.
– Automatic washing of the inside part of dripping elements. PATENDED.
– Variable position during the processing phases, so as to obtain from the press the height of performances at any moment of the working cycle, reducing in this way the pressing times. PATENDED.
– Loading and pressing phases with press tilted towards the must collecting tank, so as to speed the must exit up and optimize the loading, without the necessity of double or triple door, reducing in this way to minimum the revolutions necessary to a good loading distribution, with consequent better quality.
– Pressure hold and crumbling phases with horizontal press, to guarantee a perfect ring distribution of the material to press on the whole reservoir circumference, so as to always use the whole available dripping surface.
– Unloading phase with press tilted towards the unloading door, so as to obtain a fast and complete unloading without help of a double or triple door or helicoidal elements inside the reservoir.
– Pneumatic-opening loading and unloading door, placed laterally, and not centrally, the cylinder. This solution, coupled to the variable position of the press, makes precisely useless the realization of a double door, even if you want to load entire grapes.
– Flowing must collecting tank with fast fastening and unfastening, kit automatic level with predisposition for must extraction pomp with thermal protection from 1,5 to 1,87 kWs and possibility to choose the side whether to apply the pomp.
– Internal collector connecting the several dripping elements, to allow the extraction of the must in all the positions assumed by the press during the execution of the automatic pressing cycle.
– Dripping elements, each equipped with a DIN connection for the must exit, so as to carry out macerations inside the press.
– Lateral must collecting eaves, fastened to the frame by means of a fast joint, perfectly connected to the exit unions so as to avoid every possibility of squirts. They are completely extractable with a simple gesture to facilitate the cleaning operations.
– Fast connection for gas injection, with possibility to insert gas inside the reservoir before, during, or after the loading phase, also with revolving machine.
– Washing nozzle to attach to hydro-washer, to wash the internal side of the dripping elements.
– Stainless steel valve for the large-diameter axial load, so as to reduce chafings on the product.
– Built-in air compressor, self-breaking gear motor, pinion, crown wheel, and chain for the reservoir revolution.
– Programming panel built according to CE rules, easy and intuitive to use, with six pre-formulated programs, and with possibility to use an electronic keyboard to introduce all variables which are believed proper by the user.
– They are available also presses with perforated reservoir.

– Pressing in inert atmosphere end total recuperation of gas.
– Automatic separation of musts following the customer exigencies.
– Must extraction pomp integrated in the press.
– Carbonic maceration with automatic extraction of the autopressed must.

Model - DHEA 12

Power: 4,2 kW
Dimensions: 1400x2400xh1700mm
Weight: 750Kg
Entire grapes door/azial: 840-1800 Kg
Pressed grapes door/azial: 2400-3000 Kg
Destemmed grapes door/azial: 3000-3600 Kg

Model - DHEA 16

Power: 4,8 kW
Dimensions: 1400x2900xh1700mm
Weight: 850Kg
Entire grapes door/azial: 1100-2400 Kg
Pressed grapes door/azial: 3200-4000 Kg
Destemmed grapes door/azial: 4000-4800Kg

Model - DHEA 24

Power: 5,9 kW
Dimensions: 1750x3600xh1950mm
Weight: 1000Kg
Entire grapes door/azial: 1680-3600 Kg
Pressed grapes door/azial: 4800-6000 Kg
Destemmed grapes door/azial: 6000-7200Kg

Model - DHEA 32

Power: 7,8 kW
Dimensions: 1750x4100xh1950mm
Weight: 1240Kg
Entire grapes door/azial: 2200-4800 Kg
Pressed grapes door/azial: 6400-8000 Kg
Destemmed grapes door/azial: 8000-9600Kg

Model - DHEA 50

Power: 12 kW
Dimensions: 1900x4500xh2300mm
Weight: 2000Kg
Entire grapes door/azial: 3500-7500 Kg
Pressed grapes door/azial: 10000-12500 Kg
Destemmed grapes door/azial: 12500-15000Kg

Model - DHEA 80

Power: 17 kW
Dimensions: 2100x5500xh2400mm
Weight: 3000Kg
Entire grapes door/azial: 5600-12000 Kg
Pressed grapes door/azial: 16000-20000 Kg
Destemmed grapes door/azial: 20000-24000Kg

Model - DHEA 100

Power: 22 kW
Dimensions: 2300x6500xh2500mm
Weight: 3750Kg
Entire grapes door/azial: 7000-15000 Kg
Pressed grapes door/azial: 20000-25000 Kg
Destemmed grapes door/azial: 25000-45000Kg

Model - DHEA 150

Power: 23,5 kW
Dimensions: 2300x7000xh2700mm
Weight: 4050Kg
Entire grapes door/azial: 10500-22000 Kg
Pressed grapes door/azial: 30000-37500 Kg
Destemmed grapes door/azial: 37500-45000Kg